Illustration Friday – TRAIN

I have wanted to join Illustration Friday for a long time, but before this week I had never managed to submit my work in time. This week’s theme is “train” and there is something pretty cool about trains. For some it’s just a means of transportation; for me, there’s something nostalgic about them. Anyway, I usually like train scenes in books I read – it has always something exciting about it, like runaway, romance, murder, jumping off…

Anyway… I have done my first Illustration Friday work and I am posting it already on Tuesday! I’ve made it digital, using Adobe Illustrator.

This is my first version:

IF - Train

And this is the second version:

IF - Train_version3

I hope I will have the time and the guts to post more. You can find out more about Illustration Friday on their website:

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – TRAIN

  1. Lynn

    This is beautiful! I am really glad that you got this one in on time for us to enjoy. Like you I have never posted. I am not an illustrator but enjoy looking at all the illustrations.

    • Tom Post author

      Oops. My english again… the pictures I posted are digital already (sorry if I disappointed you) I am going to correct the text 🙂
      Thanks for you comment.


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