Architectural studies – São Paulo and Rio

Sometimes I like to pick a pic and make some sketching out of them. Like many urban sketchers,  I feel like I am somehow cheating when I draw from a picture, so I prefer to call it “architectural study” instead.
Sometimes, when I feel a bit homesick, I like to draw some of my favorite buildings from my birthplace, São Paulo.
São Paulo is a huge city and full of contrasts. I like particularly the old buildings, from 18th, 19th century or beginning of 20th century.
I definitely intend to draw more. We are planning to go to Brazil for Christmas this year and I do intend to meet some Urban Sketchers there and spend some time drawing downtown. I promise to post here.



Rio de JanPalace of Orange Treeseiro is another place full of amazing buildings, like Guanabara Palace, or Palace of the Orange trees, which served as a presidential residence during the time Rio de Janeiro was the capital city of Brazil.
In this study I tried different techniques, and was amazed by the different results. I particularly like the second one, with continuous lines. I am definitely going to practise more this way of drawing.

I know I could have used some basic grey wash for the shade and give some values to the work, but that is for another study.

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