Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

About a month ago, I read an email from Everyday Matters group at yahoo. A contact, called Stefano Bramato came up with a great idea. He wanted to swap his valuable Lamy Safari with someone who could come up with something cool as an exchange. You can read his post here.

Well, I offered him a kuksa and guess what? I won the swap! I guess he liked my kuksa.

Today I received my parcel from him. And I am very happy! It is actually my first fountain pen.
It came in a nice case and I even got some extra goodies!

Thanks, Stefano. I will look after it and use it a lot on my sketches. You are very creative and talented, you seem to be very passionate and I am very glad I got to meet you. Well, I know you will come up with more swaps, but I will let others try now for a while and then… I will be back with my exchange offers!



4 thoughts on “Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

  1. Beth Berman

    I really like your new blog. I looked at WordPress but the coats was too much. Can’t wait to read some of your book reviews plus I am a lurker on Urban Sketchers. Best of success with your new blog!!!

    • Tom Post author

      Thanks, Beth. I am also excited about writing some book reviews (or maybe just talking about them). I am still a toddler in urban sketching, once I still struggle sometimes to relax when drawing in public, but that’s life… practice makes perfect.


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