Urban Sketching in Lapland

Sketching on location.
I would like to share with you this beautiful spot on the Arctic Circle. The land of Midnight Sun and Nordic Lights, the place which has Santa Claus’s official Post Office, a famous street market and a nice place for artists.
I hope to share a bit of its sad history too.



This is one of my favorite views of Rovaniemi. You can see one of those sweet Nordic little houses with a barn in an island on the lake. On the background, the church, the hospital and a bit of the train bridge. If I made a panoramic view, adding to the right, I would be able to draw the Lumberjack bridge, which is the landmark of Rovaniemi… so, you have the best of town all together. It is a calm residential area, so I only know the place because six years ago, when I came to visit my girlfriend in Rovaniemi, she lived very close to this place. It was winter then and the quickest way to get to downtown was simply cross the lake by walking. I find it quite romantic. The girlfriend became my wife and I forgot about the place. When I decided to start sketching my town, I tought “well, I know the perfect place to start”.


7642191814_6a5a554024Bridge over the railway

One of the best things about sketching on location is that you begin to see beauty in things that otherwise will go unnoticed.  This drawing was made around 9pm. The sun was behind me (the sun doesn’t set in the Arctic during the summer) and it felt it was the best place in the world to be, though I would love to paint it in Autumn, with its colors all the yellowish birch three leaves.  One might say there is nothing beautiful about this scene… well, I guess he should stop and draw it.

6 thoughts on “Urban Sketching in Lapland

  1. Joan/Jesse

    Tom: The blog looks great! I love the Urban Sketches, especially the one from Lapland, a part of the world I would love to visit.

    Keep posting your drawings here…we all love to look at what other artists are doing, what their workspace looks like, what supplies and tools they travel with when out and about.

    • Tom Post author

      Thanks. I will post more. You are right. I do love to look at what other artists are doing and get inspired.


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