Projects and Fun

Sketchbook Projects, illustration Friday, Swaps and EDM Challenges are some of the fun things in which you can participate in order to improve your drawing skills, creativity and also get to know a lot of interesting people.
I have found extremelly useful and fun to take part in those groups and share experiences, ideas and frustrations. I have met many talented people and their comments and support have been a vital part of my development as an artist.
I hope you enjoy this blog and be welcome to write your comments. They will be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Projects and Fun

  1. Neta

    Congratulations! can’t wait for the next posts to come. It would be great if there was an “about me” section. Btw, are you coming to the Barcelona symposium? Regards, Neta

    • Tom Post author

      Thanks, Neta!
      I am still working on a “About Me” page… trying my best to make it sound less boring 🙂
      I will post as soon as I manage to do it.
      Barcelona sounds great at this time of the year, but no… I’m not coming…Take care!

  2. Jane A

    So glad you’ve decided to have a blog! I only started because of EDM folks encouraging me, and it’s been great. I’ve found my way to all sorts of interesting corners of the internet to do with art and creativity, and been so encouraged and inspired to do more. This looks great and I look forward to more!


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